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QuikOrder.com was developed by QuikOrder, Inc., a Chicago-based company specializing in developing and maintaining internet ordering systems used by businesses of all sizes - from your local restaurant to the world's largest pizza chains - since 1997. 

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Order your favorite list directly from any device.

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Any device, one platform. Ordering at your convenience!

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Call Center
User Interface

Drastically cut down agent training and talk times.

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Provides up to date store information.

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Online Ordering Benefits

Cost effective yet efficient system design.

  • Customers receive what they’ve ordered - order taking errors eliminated.
  • No more busy signals or being put on hold - customer frustration eliminated.
  • Customers can view entire menu & all special offers.
  • System remembers customers' orders, allowing order recall.
  • Estimated delivery & carryout times are provided to customers.
  • Increased guest check.
  • Increased customer satisfaction & loyalty.
  • Increased customer purchase frequency.
  • Eliminated or reduced labor costs associated with manual order taking.
  • System accepts both online & traditional coupons.
  • Integrates directly to select POS systems.
  • Increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your ordering operations.
  • 4.0 platform is a template-based system at a low cost with quick setup.
  • Increase your customer’s guest check by automatically suggesting up-sells for additional products.
  • Investing online can result in an immediate & permanent increase in sales.

Vendor of the Year Award

“QuikOrder has been an excellent partner for Godfather’s Pizza. They have been willing to and have made many changes to their product in order to accommodate our needs and we look forward to continuing this partnership.”

Curtis Stalnaker, Director of Information Technology

Need a Mobile Site?

QO 4.0 Platform is a cost effective yet efficient system design. Put your menu into the hands of your customers. Let your customers easily order from you anytime, anywhere, and from any mobile device. Contact our Corporate sales at sales@quikorder.com

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System Features

Supports all major browsers


Fast ordering of saved orders using a unique URL for a simple & quick ordering experience.

Guest Ordering

Customers can place their online order without having to login first.

Real-Time Reports

Provides up to date store information & complete access to the most accurate date- all of the time.

Future Orders

System allows users to place an order for a future time & date.

Saved Orders

Better customer experience by allowing users to reorder their previous or saved orders.

Up-Sell Tools

Increase your customer’s guest check by automatically suggesting up-sells
for additional products.


Easily create or upload promotions to your online ordering site.

Store Locator

Patented technology maps customers to the correct store for delivery & carry-out orders.

Call Center User Interface

Use QuikOrder to take orders in your call center or with remote or at-home agents.

How It works

Mobile Ordering

QuikOrder is a fully customizable online ordering solution. Our system is designed for high volume, reliability & redundancy. Click the button below to demo our site today!

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Responsive Web

One service, one device to be usable and aesthetically pleasing on large screens and portable devices alike. Maintain one intuitive website and serve all of your customers, no matter where or what they are viewing it on.

Call Center

Customize your call center user interface to fit the store's look & feel. Use QuikOrder to take orders in your call center or with remote or at-home agents.

  • No More Missed Orders
  • No More Being Put on Hold
  • Consistent Order Taking
  • Consistent Customer Service

Admin Reporting

QuikOrder offers real-time management & reporting.

  • Total Orders
  • Order By Occasion
  • Order By Payment Type
  • Total Sales
  • Sales By Occasion
  • Sales By Payment Type

Careers at QuikOrder

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QuikOrder, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer careers@quikorder.com

Healthcare Benefits

  • Medical Plan Options
  • Dental Plan Options
  • Vision Coverage Options
  • Health Care & Dependant Care spending

Retirement Benefits

  • Retirement Plan Options
  • 401(k) Plan Options
  • Portfolio Investment Options
  • Beneficiary Designation Options


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